ThinqStudio Presents: Re-envisioning Academia with Playful Minds and Joyful Hearts

Fri Mar 5, 12:30 - 1:30 PM (MST)

Calling all dreamers, innovators, and thinq-outside-of-the-boxers!

Calling all dreamers, innovators, and thinq-outside-of-the-boxers to pause and reflect on the standard practices of academia. How has what we do every day become a practice of habit? What if we revisited emotions and considered the role of neurotransmitters in learning - would we find we have strayed from full effectiveness? Let’s take an imaginary trip away from the status quo of higher education and think outside of the boundaries with joy, play, absurdity, and outer space. Let’s dare to dream beyond our current reality and see what we find.

Lisa Forbes