ThinqTank: Unboxing Pedagogy

Fri Jan 31, 10:30 AM - Tue Apr 28, 12:30 PM (MST)
LSC Room 1100  

ThinqTank Spring2020

Join us for a semester of experimentation with divergent ideas, tools, and approaches to digital teaching and learning. Participants will actively test one or more experiments with their students, and meetup once a month to compare notes, share data, and branch in new directions. ThinqTanks orient toward applied research in digital education - collecting and analyzing outcomes, and producing a collective summary, data-set, and recommendations for next-steps.

Unboxing Pedagogy

Platform: US Mail
Sponsors: ThinqStudio
Participants: 5 to 6 faculty teaching fully online in Spring 2020 and willing to experiment with creating and mailing learning-objects as a class extension
Requirements: Do the thing, with your class. Meet-up four to five times over the arc of the term. Collect data. Share opinions and discoveries. Contribute to a final report.
Rewards: $400 stipend; free lunches; priceless discoveries and friendships.

We will experiment with subscription-boxes for remote students as a teaching and engagement platform; mailed physical items to connect digital students to tangible course concepts and communities.


  • Tactile learning objects (things) will bridge feelings of distance and disconnection that online students frequently report; build a strong sense of learning community; and enhance learning engagement and motivation of online students.
  • Tactile learning objects (things) may be strategically instructional and experiential across a variety of disciplines.
  • Operating a class-box operation has fiscal and workload costs; there are sustainable options, resources, and possibilities with supporting this pedagogy; the return-on-investment is significant.


  • Jan 31st
  • Feb 14th
  • Mar 13th
  • April 10th

Andrea Laser

Dennis DeBay

LSC Room 1100