An Urgency of Teachers w Jesse & Sean (Discussion & Annotation)

Fri Feb 1, 2019, 12:00 - 3:30 PM (MST)
CU CityCenter, 1250 14th Street, Denver, CO  
An Urgency of Teachers w Jesse & Sean (Discussion & Annotation)

This collection of essays explores the authors’ work in, inquiry into, and critique of online learning, educational technology, and the trends, techniques, hopes, fears, and possibilities of digital pedagogy.

Beginning Tuesday January 15th, we will be reading and annotating selections from An Urgency of Teachers by Sean Michael Morris & Jesse Stommel of the Digital Pedagogy Lab and the Hybrid Pedagogy Journal. Jesse and Sean will be annotating along side us via and will join us on February 1st via Zoom for an open discussion of any/all of the topics drawn from the book group. Broadly we will explore themes of student agency, instructional design, and digital scholarship.

Register here to receive updates and details for/on Tuesday January 15th. If you’re unfamiliar with, please see this. If you’d like dive in right now, we will be starting with Chapter 1: Critical Digital Pedagogy, A Definition.

Likewise, we are inviting virtual participants from across the Digital Pedagogy Lab network to join in our annotations as well as our Zoom chat on booked for February 1st. Register now to join us in any of these venues and - details are forthcoming.

An Urgency of Teachers

Brad Hinson

Dennis DeBay

Jesse Stommel

Sean Michael Morris

CU CityCenter, 1250 14th Street, Denver, CO