rethinq101 (unconference)

Fri Mar 15, 2019, 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM (MDT)
The Commons on Champa, 1245 Champa Street, Denver, CO  

Keynote: Michael Wesch of ANTH101
Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Distinguished Teaching Scholar, 2008 U.S. Professor of the Year

Faculty Fellows: Vivian Shyu, Dale Stahl, Ronica Rooks, Manuel Espinoza, Dennis DeBay, Maryam Darbeheshti

Your Unconference:

The day will broadly explore creative & active teaching with digital learners as exemplified with ANTH101; with the breakouts of the day to be crowdsourced by you. ThinqStudio will facilitate discussions and guide activities, but most of the day is based on what you propose and vote upon, here.

Level-Up / Activate / Get

We would like to invite you to engage with us ahead of March 15th, and offer some awesome schwagcentives as reward. Meow Wolf Tickets and select Artifacts from the RetroFuture of Education are among the items up for grabs. Complete any of the following activities to collect points. Each action is an entry. More entries equate to better odds.

Enter as often and as frequently as you like.

  • Complete any of the 10 Challenges from ANTH101and post your results to Instagram or Twitter tagged with #rethinq101 and a @thinqstudio mention.
  • Join a Dave Thomas 4:44 selfie (clue: he takes one everyday at 4:44). He has a fantastic backstory - you'll have ask Dave if you don't know. Post the results to Twitter or Instagram with #rethinq101 + #professorfun with @thinqstudio mentioned.
  • Join us on Slack; introduce yourself in the #introductions channel and complete one of the challenges in the #rethinq channel. We recommended you download and install the Slack desktop and/or mobile app.
  • Annotate here with us on; reflect as you like, and answer the rethinq-question from ThinqStudio to enter the challenge.
  • Propose a breakout-session idea for rethinq101 and go viral; get 15 + votes on the Padlet; post a link to your idea on Twitter or Instagram with #rethinq101 + #breakout with @thinqstudio mentioned.

Brad Hinson

Dale Stahl

Dennis DeBay

Manuel Espinoza

Maryam Darbeheshti

Michael Zinser

Pam Laird

Remi Kalir

Ronica Rooks

Vivian Shyu


The Commons on Champa, 1245 Champa Street, Denver, CO