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Fri. May 11, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (MDT)
Comcast Media & Technology Center (CMTC), 1201 Larimer St. (Tivoli), Denver, CO  

Evolutions & Remixes of Pedagogy

Keynotes: Sean Michael Morris & Jesse Stommel from the Digital Pedagogy Lab.
Faculty Fellows: Kate Goodman, Amy Hasinoff, Julia Kantor, Scott McLeod & John Tinnell will showcase ideas and thinqing around impactful teaching & learning.

This is your unconference.

The day will broadly explore evolutions of teaching and learning, but the details are yours to define. We will have some things planned for rethinq, but much of the day is based on what you want to explore or share with your peers. Use this topics-board to suggest and vote on topics. (Yes, you. Go on. Do it now.) What do you want to explore? Are you an expert of awesome? Want to share? Who? What?

The schedule is evolving based on your participation. As we get closer to the big-day we’ll pin down details and send updates. You can follow-along on the topic-board, on twitter, or via our random newsletter.

Here’s what we know so far…

  • We will explore evolutions and remixes of pedagogy. (future think)
  • There will be food and caffeine throughout the day. (breakfast snacks, full lunch, wake-up snacks)
  • There will be a keynote in the morning and a bookend in the afternoon. (happy hour likely)
  • There will be play-breaks, swag, prizes, and tech. (you’re welcome)
  • All are welcome, first-come first-serve. (kum ba yah)


Brad Hinson

Amy Hasinoff

Jesse Stommel

John Tinnell

Scott McLeod

Kate Goodman

Julia Kantor

Sean Michael Morris

Remi Kalir

Pam Laird

Michael Zinser

Comcast Media & Technology Center (CMTC), 1201 Larimer St. (Tivoli), Denver, CO
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