Designing for Deeper Learning with Connected Learning and Domain of One's Own

Fri May 4, 2018, 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM (MDT)
CU-1000, 1250 14th St, Denver, C)  

Laptop | Lunch | Learn

What does a classroom look, feel and sound like when robust, deep learning is happening? How do we design for such classrooms that, additionally, take into account principles of equity and justice? Are issues of student voice and agency taken into account when we design?

In this workshop, we will explore such fundamental questions through Connected Learning, an instructional design and learning theories framework. Through this lens, we will consider what our classrooms can look, sound and feel like when we start with students and their interests, connect them into communities of practice, and thoughtfully use digital and social media. In particular, we will look at a Domain of One’s Own, an initiative where universities are provisioning faculty and students with their own web sites.

This workshop is for K-12 educators, teacher educators and others teaching at the university level. The following is a rough schedule for this workshop:

  • Panel discussion with current educators (K-12 and higher education) designing for connected learning
  • Interactive exploration of the Connected Learning principles
  • Designing for Connected Learning in our own classrooms

Julia Kantor

CU-1000, 1250 14th St, Denver, C)