Fri Feb 1, 12:00 - 3:30 PM (MST)

To Be Announced

This collection of essays explores the authors’ work in, inquiry into, and critique of online learning, educational technology, and the trends, techniques, hopes, fears, and possibilities of digital pedagogy.

Beginning Tuesday January 15th, we will be reading and annotating selections from An Urgency of Teachers by Sean Michael Morris & Jesse Stommel of the Digital Pedagogy Lab and the Hybrid Pedagogy Journal. Jesse and Sean will be annotating along side us via and will join us on February 1st via Zoom for an open discussion of any/all of the topics drawn from the book group. Broadly we will explore themes of student agency, instructional design, and digital scholarship.

Register here to receive updates and details for/on Tuesday January 15th. If you’re unfamiliar with, please see this. If you’d like dive in right now, we will be starting with Chapter 1: Critical Digital Pedagogy, A Definition.

Likewise, we are inviting virtual participants from across the Digital Pedagogy Lab network to join in our annotations as well as our Zoom chat on booked for February 1st. Register now to join us in any of these venues and - details are forthcoming.

An Urgency of Teachers

Fri Feb 15, 12:00 - 3:30 PM (MST)

To Be Announced

Join us for an exploration of beginnings and transitions to digital pedagogy. Where do you begin? According to Dr. Sean M. Morris (2013) in his article, “Decoding Digital Pedagogy, Pt. 1,” in the journal Hybrid Pedagogy, inquiry is the first step, along with a willingness to experiment. “Pedagogy experiments relentlessly, honoring a learning that’s lifelong…For the digital pedagogue, teaching begins with inquiry…It reminds us that the new landscape of learning is mysterious and worth exploring.” Bring your laptop and your story - as we will share the pros and cons, tools, and methods of teaching and learning in a digital world.

Fri Mar 1, 12:00 - 3:00 PM (MST)

CU CityCenter, 1250 14th Street, Denver, CO

The Right to Learn Undergraduate Research Collective (R2L) is a hybrid research-team composed of first-generation CU students and led by Associate Professor (and ThinqStudio Fellow) Manuel Espinoza. R2L works face to face and online in their curation and annotation of legal briefs, articles, and court cases related to their mission. R2L has collectively assembled an online library of materials and actively annotates and explores the issues therein using as their in-context platform. Join us and the R2L team in a discussion around both their mission and their methods as a digital community of inquiry.

Tue Mar 12, 9:00 - 10:30 AM (MDT)

Anchutz Medical Campus (AMC), 13001 E 17th Pl, Aurora, Colorado, US

Join us at the AMC Education Scholarship & Innovation Symposium as we apply Design Thinking as a framework for impactful teaching and learning. We will explore progressive tools, concepts, and design-practices from ThinqStudio, the Digital Pedagogy Lab, and similar, national teaching and learning consortia.

*Participate in design thinking activities related to innovative teaching and learning strategies
*Think critically and creatively about learning technologies
*Cultivate a community of digital pedagogues across CU Denver

Fri Mar 15, 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM (MDT)

The Commons on Champa, 1245 Champa Street, Denver, CO

Keynote: Michael Wesch of ANTH101
Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Distinguished Teaching Scholar, 2008 U.S. Professor of the Year

Faculty Fellows: Vivian Shyu, Dale Stahl, Ronica Rooks, Manuel Espinoza, Dennis DeBay, Maryam Darbeheshti

Fri Apr 19, 12:00 - 3:30 PM (MDT)

To Be Announced

Join our panel of ThinqStudio Explorers who collectively traversed the Digital Pedagogy Lab, the Connected Learning Summit, and SXSWEdu this year; and learn how you might join our next round of field-trips as a 2019-2020 ThinqStudio Explorer. Panelists will share their greatest take-aways and findings relevant to teaching and learning in the future-tense; and share the good, the bad, and the… of networking in these communities of practice.